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Bad thoughts


Wondering why you never tell me that you love me There are thoughts, bad thoughts, whether you are just improving me Some guys would adore me if I would be their girlfriend They would be at my feet But I don’t want them My heart is only yours I don’t want it back Take it! Smash it! Break it! I don’t care! I never thought I could love again after the matter with Toni, but then I was back on my feet again and there was you, you caught my eye and took my heart And I finally could love again And this feeling won’t let me go So it hurts to see that you don’t fell the same as I feel for you It doesn’t matter what you’re going to do with my heart I can’t change my feelings so do whatever you want I won’t bar you from what you want to do But it’s my last opportunity If I get smashed down again perhaps I’ll never get back on my feet again But that don’t have to interest you It’s not your life! You have to live your life You don’t have to think about it So just be happy with or without me It’s your decision I know you made this decision before But why don’t you love me? You decided that you want me but why did you do that, If you don’t love me? Did you just want to be free? Or was the reason that I’m a little bitch, Who is not very good or uptight? When something like that was the reason for your decision I can live with it but then it’s a life without you! I don’t need a boyfriend, who takes me for a fool! Then I think it’s better to suffer alone, but this loss kills me and makes me sad So what is you ultimate decision? Don’t get me wrong! I don’t want to loose you! I need you! But I don’t want that our relationship is just a big lie! If you really love or just like me let me know it shot it to me or just let me feel it! If I’m important for you don’t gamble with our relationship by hurting me this deep! So eventual it’s your decision And it’s easy to tell me how you decide Say you love me (if it’s the truth) Or say you don’t want to hurt me anymore Thus….?

26.2.07 18:18

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